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Rice is life for millions

Hand weeding in the rice paddies
Weeding of rice paddies is still hard manual labour in many places.

Nepali farmer
Multitasking for farm women: weeding in the fields 4 hours a day, taking care of children, cooking, and many more chores. And their backs hurt too.

Silver and Gold
Golden Rice is just another improved rice strain, yet it has a great potential to cover micronutrient needs of rural, rice-based societies.

Healthy nuggets
Golden Rice, a precision-bred rice strain, is health that you cannot buy with common gold. It will be made available to smallholders free of charge once it has been approved by national regulatory bodies.

Kathmandu rice fields
Novel technologies is compatible with milenary cultivation traditions.

Nepali woman hard at work
Golden Rice will not require any additional labour, as compared to existing traditional rice varieties. Moreover, its distinguishing trait can be bred into any traditional variety or along with novel traits of interest to farmers, eg pest and pathogen resistance.

Rice fields around Kathmandu
Golden Rice is compatible with milenary methods and traditions of rice cultivation and consumption.

Nepali rice fields
Rice fields could be looking just the same in 100 years, but people living from them could be a lot healthier, if nutrient-improved varieties are promoted.