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The Golden Rice Network

Working together

The Golden Rice Network, coordinated by Dr Gerard Barry (IRRI), is the platform from which Golden Rice is initially being deployed to the smallholders who will be the primary beneficiaries of the technology. The institutions involved are responsible for introgressing (crossing in by conventional breeding methodologies) the provitamin A-producing trait into local varieties.

  • Philippines
    • International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) (Management)
    • National Rice Research Institute (PhilRice)
  • India
    • Department of Biotechnology India
    • Directorate of Rice Research
    • Indian Agricultural Research Institute
    • University of Delhi South Campus
    • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
    • Agricultural University Patnagar
    • University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore
    • Chinsurah Rice Research Station
Together we can do it

Reaching the target populations with Golden Rice depends on finding the right national partners, like India's Agricultural Research Institute. Since the Green Revolution they have built a strong relationship of trust and delivery with farmers across the nation.

  • Vietnam
    • Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute
  • Bangladesh
    • Bangladesh Rice Research Institute
  • China
    • Huazhong Agricultural University
    • Chinese Academy of Science
    • Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Indonesia
    • Agency for Agricultural Research & Development, Jakarta
  • Germany
    • University of Freiburg (Research)
With smallholders in mind

Rice cultivation has always been based on community work. The Golden Rice Network is no different; transfer of the technology and diffusion of local Golden Rice varieties will involve researchers, breeders, extensionists, and finally the small farmers themselves.